About Us

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Improving and enhancing the quality of life for South Arlington Since 1968

The Washington Forrest Foundation is a private, family foundation and has been investing in south Arlington communities since 1968. While many of our partners have been supported by the Foundation for many years, we always welcome learning about new or innovative programs that are making a difference in our community.

The Foundation invests in programs and organizations that facilitate basic economic development through safety net services, education and community development, such as those working to:

  • improve access to food, health care, mental health, housing, and jobs creation;
  • strengthen academic and creative educational programs, within and outside of the school system, especially to support low-income, diverse, learning challenged or high risk populations of South Arlington. Our work will be measured by improvements to the overall economic health of the community of South Arlington.
  • look more deeply at community challenges through convening, leadership and other initiatives

We currently support over 50 nonprofit organizations addressing varying needs in South Arlington.

The Washington Forrest Foundation values:

  • The communities along Columbia Pike, Four Mile Run and other areas in South Arlington where our family has been involved since the late 1700s.
  • Our history related to our founding board member, Benjamin M. Smith, an early Arlington County Board member, Arlington School Supervisor and Arlington Hospital founder and board member and his values of faith, community, education, health and housing.
  • The critical role of nonprofit organizations working in education, safety net services such as food, housing, and jobs for the members of our community, as well as community development to strengthen South Arlington.